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Why AcuAngel?

Dr Angel earned her MD degree as a Surgeon and Physician in Colombia, South America (1997). Her passion always has been to provide the best possible care for her patients, in a holistic way. In Colombia, she had the opportunity to treat different conditions effectively using Western Medicine.

During her experience she felt some of her patients could have benefited from other treatment different than Allopathic Medicine. So, when presented with the opportunity, she felt very enthused to learn the most ancient medicine in the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studying the Eastern Medicine, she discovered the wonderful benefits this medicine practice can offer to patients. She was amazed at how Traditional Chinese Medicine delivers effective treatments for a variety of conditions.

During her years of school at National University of Health Sciences, she was exposed to different cases of patients where the Eastern Medicine had to be integrated with the Western Medicine in order to obtain best results for treatment. She had the great opportunity to do part of her internship in Cook County Hospital in Chigago, IL. There , she was exposed to different types of Acupuncture treatment for pain management. Dr. Angel graduated with all honors as Summa Cum Laude.

Dr Angel works with many Western doctors who refer cases to her where it is necessary to incorporate the great benefit of Eastern Medicine.

Dr Angel is an Illinois Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, holds a Diploma in Oriental Medicine, and has an ECMFG certification. The Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates certification assesses whether international graduates are ready to enter U.S residency and fellowship programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical (ACGME).

Dr Angel utilizes TCM and Five elements theory as well Dr. Tan Balance Method in order to find the best treatment approach for her patients.

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