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Trolltunga Norway


I’m a 49-year-old man. I often suffer from chronic back and elbow pain as well as chronic sinus congestion. The pain is due to the kind of physical requirements demanded by my job. I also suffer from anxiety.

After going and seeing many doctors and exhausting all of my options, I decided to try acupuncture. I met Mabel over a year ago and the treatment was a completed success to all of my chronic issues. The combination of Acupuncture and the herbs is a very powerful solution to all of my problems. I was very skeptical about Acupuncture before my first appointment with Mabel but my skepticism disappear a couple of minutes into my visit. Mabel takes all of the time in the world to listen to my problems and explain everything she is planning on doing with details. Finally the treatment was so delicate and gentle that I fall sleep after a couple of minutes into the visit. I was so happy with my progress that I have recommended Mabel Angel to all of my family and many of my closest friends.

- Jim

Ever since I can remember I’ve been suffering from headaches/migraines as often as 3 to 5 times per week. Today I am in the earlies forties and I have never felt better. This experience started when I was looking for information about migraine treatments in the Internet. One of the most command methods, according to what I read, for the treatment of migranes is acupuncture. For over 20 years I tried many things including multiple prescription drugs, Botox and even I went to a physician specialized in migraines without any positive outcome to my problem.

In one of the blogs I found in the Internet a person was recommended Dr. Angel and I decided to contact her. I noticed small changes in both, the frequency and level of my migraines, starting in my first visit. I am amazed at what Dr. Angel can do by using her knowledge and skills in acupuncture and how wonderful it has work for me. The frequency of my visits went from once a week continuously decreasing to presently once a month, without a mayor migraine for over six months and counting. Now I am so happy as I am able to plan my weekly schedule without being afraid of canceling the plans because of my migraines. My life has changed for the best thank you to Dr. Angel and I will recommend her to any skeptical, friend or family in the world. Thank you Dr. Angel

- Kathy

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