I’m a 49-year-old man. I often suffer from chronic back and elbow pain as well as chronic sinus congestion. The pain is due to the kind of physical requirements demanded by my job. I also suffer from anxiety.

After going and seeing many doctors and exhausting all of my options, I decided to try acupuncture. I met Mabel over a year ago and the treatment was a completed success to all of my chronic issues. The combination of Acupuncture and the herbs is a very powerful solution to all of my problems. I was very skeptical about Acupuncture before my first appointment with Mabel but my skepticism disappear a couple of minutes into my visit. Mabel takes all of the time in the world to listen to my problems and explain everything she is planning on doing with details. Finally the treatment was so delicate and gentle that I fall sleep after a couple of minutes into the visit. I was so happy with my progress that I have recommended Mabel Angel to all of my family and many of my closest friends.

– Jim