• Is Acupuncture safe?

    Yes. Acupuncture is safe as well Oriental Medicine when they are practiced correctly by trained, qualified professional practitioners. Most states in U.S. need Acupuncture license to practice. Acupuncturist are certified by NCCAOM(National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), which require over 2,500 hours of professional training.

  • How many treatments are needed?

    It varies according to duration, severity, and type of complain. Many chronic conditions may need require around 10 treatments, some degenerative conditions may require more treatments. Along with the Acupuncture may be suggested certain diet, execise, Herbal Medicine to increase the efficacy of Acupuncture.

  • What Expect to feel after Acupuncture Treatment?

    Patients typical experience total or partial relief of their symptoms after treatment. In some cases there may be no immediate relief after treatment followed by gradual diminishing of symptoms over the next few days after treatment. Because our bodies are unique, our response to Acupuncture is also unique.

  • What are Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine good to treat?

    Western Medicine is good to treat structural disorder when Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are good to treat functional disorders. Acupuncture can speed up the healing process by building the immunity.